Swift Capture – Instant Mobile Surveys

Swift, BlueTrail’s mobile data survey tool, gives you instant turnaround using your existing mobile phone as a data capture device. Audits, surveys, and sales reports can all be authored, distributed, completed and back on your desk in less time than it takes to put a hardcopy survey in the post!


Swift provides a powerful mobile application for your field force, without the need for expensive PDA equipment. How does it work? – Start by building the survey on BlueTrail’s secure web server. A prebuilt set of answer types and simple branching logic lets you build a survey quickly and easily. Then publish to the agents of your choice who download and complete one or more surveys, and upload results when convenient. Results are seen instantly on the web site, allowing the survey to be modified mid-campaign if required.

Will it work for me? – Swift is compatible with over 70 of the most commonly used Mobile Phones and is hosted on BlueTrail’s web server, so you can be up and running in minutes.

How much does it cost? – Pricing is on a per-transaction basis and there are range of price plans to suit differing usage volumes.

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